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About Us

Based in London, New York, and Tel Aviv, our consulting services support negotiation teams in dealing with their complex negotiation challenges. Using our strategic approach will strengthen your process management capabilities and design a more effective, results-oriented negotiation process at both the strategic and tactical levels. Our focus is to deliver a comprehensive, integrated approach to help clients manage their choices and make the best use of their resources.

In a nutshell, we help our clients find creative solutions to their toughest negotiation challenges, whether it be a debt to a bank or a supplier, an important investment, or the closing of a large deal. Our expert consulting intervention ensures that you and your team have the process, capability, confidence, and mindset to navigate through the most difficult and complex negotiations and secure the best possible deal.

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Whether it’s entrepreneurs dealing with creditors, banks, a complicated and emotionally charged business dispute, or any situation where a client would prefer to remain detached from the negotiations, a professional negotiator can provide an effective alternative. Our team, assembled of professionals from various backgrounds, will conduct the negotiation for you according to the predetermined principles, goals, and objectives through a strict preparation process.


Hotel group
Country: Spain
Client: Hotel group
Target: BBVA

We negotiated, for our Spanish client, a NPL secured mortgage with the creditor BBVA, GBV of €9 mio.

Construction company
Country: Italy
Client: Construction company
Target: Banca intesa

We negotiated a portfolio of secured and unsecured NPL credits and prepared all the due diligence pre-securitization. GBV €16 mio.

Facilities management
Country: Turkey
Client: Facilities Management company
Target: İşbank Bank

We found a solution avoiding bankruptcy of a facilities company involving over 80 employees