About Johnny


Based in London, New York, and Tel Aviv, our consulting services support negotiation teams in dealing with their complex negotiation challenges. Using our strategic approach will strengthen your process management capabilities and design a more effective, results-oriented negotiation process at both the strategic and tactical levels. Our focus is to deliver a comprehensive, integrated approach to help clients manage their choices and make the best use of their resources.

In a nutshell, we help our clients find creative solutions to their toughest negotiation challenges, whether it be a debt to a bank or a supplier, an important investment, or the closing of a large deal. Our expert consulting intervention ensures that you and your team have the process, capability, confidence, and mindset to navigate through the most difficult and complex negotiations and secure the best possible deal.

Are you struggling to pay off a large loan, and find yourself in financial distress? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to approach your bank in order to negotiate a better deal for yourself? If so, then you need the services of a skilled negotiator who can help you navigate the complex world of loan restructuring and refinancing. That’s where I come in.

As a negotiator of deals with banks, I specialize in working with clients who are in financial distress and have taken out large loans that are now proving difficult to pay off. Whether you’re dealing with mounting debt, high interest rates, or missed payments, I have the expertise and experience to help you negotiate a better deal with your bank and get your financial life back on track.

My job is to act as a mediator between you and your bank, using my knowledge of the banking industry and my expertise in negotiations to help you secure a more favorable deal. This can include everything from restructuring your loan to lower your monthly payments, negotiating a lower interest rate, or even working out a debt settlement plan that will help you pay off your debt in a more manageable way.

One of the key benefits of working with a negotiator like myself is that I have an in-depth understanding of the banking industry, and the various strategies and tactics that banks use to try to maximize their profits. By leveraging my knowledge and expertise, I can help you level the playing field and negotiate a deal that is more favorable to you.

In addition to my negotiation skills, I am also committed to providing my clients with personalized service and support throughout the process. I understand that dealing with financial distress can be a stressful and emotional time, and I am here to provide guidance and support every step of the way. From developing a customized negotiation strategy to providing ongoing support and advice, I am here to help you achieve your financial goals.

So if you’re struggling to pay off a large loan and are in financial distress, don’t hesitate to reach out to me today. With my expertise and experience as a negotiator of deals with banks, I can help you navigate the complex world of loan restructuring and refinancing, and secure a more favorable deal that will help you get back on track financially.